Country Girl Living in the City. Giddy Up!

This is a test line. You can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl. I was born and raised on a 120-year-old farm in northwest Iowa where the corn yields are strong, the black soil is rich and the winds howl, well, pretty much all of the time since there are no hills for miles. But, I’ve fallen in love with Kansas City during the nearly 9 years I have lived here. Great food, sports, and art. What’s not to love?

I fall somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert — I love a good party but often I crave a cozy night at home with a nice bottle of red wine and endless episodes of Shark Tank and Nashville. Hotels make me giddy because it means I am probably exploring a new destination with friends or family. I also know lots of random sports facts and once took a selfie with Sandra Bullock (I can prove it).

As an art director and designer, I’ve worked on a range of projects from print to website design to digital advertising. I’m a prepper and a planner, which gives me confidence in front of clients. I can use the Creative Suite software like a boss, and if I need to do something I’m not sure how to do, I figure it out. I love polishing my skills and learning new ones to add to my tool belt. My Iowa farm roots helped me establish a strong work ethic, and I work darn hard to find the best solution to a creative problem. I’m a strong believer that two or more heads are better than one, and the best ideas come from collaboration.

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